Celebs who publicly admitted cheating to girlfriend or wife

“A fault confessed is half redressed” – star men who got on treason blessed once so thought, and, being kneeling (figuratively, of course!), with a tear and slightly shivering voice publicly repented of eyes and apologized.

Justin Timberlake

On January 31 the famous musician and the singer are 39 years old. And, perhaps, on the birthday he should hiccup more than once, remembering unpleasant events of the recent past. The young, pretty actress Alisha Wainwright with whom he acted in the movie “Palmer” unexpectedly became a subject of adoration of the star man. In the expiring year Justin cheerfully spent with her evening in one of bars of New Orleans. And though Timberlake swore to the wife – to Jessica Beat that he with Alisha had nothing, there was a threat of a divorce. At the spouse’s insistance Justin publicly apologized on social network: “I apologize to my wonderful wife and all my family for the fact that I put all in such awkward situation. I will try to be the best husband and the father from now on”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Iron Arnie, future governor of California, always wanted to be closer to the simple people. However, Schwarzenegger in this desire went too far a little. The housemaid Mildred Baena so attracted to the star actor that he in own mansion started torrid love affair with her. The spouse of Arnie Maria Shriver also did not guess close relations with the housemaid. Until at Mildred the son Joseph who is strongly looking like Schwarzenegger was born. And over the years this similarity only increased. Arnie with a heavy sigh in heart soon recognizes the son. But there will be it prior to a divorce to Maria before it leaves the governor’s post. In the therapist’s office where it will be dragged, to put it mildly, by the wife, Arnold will honestly tell about deeds. As some kind of overdue public repentance before Maria and children also the book by Schwarzenegger “Will serve to remember everything” which in America will be given quite a cold reception.

Jay Z

Jay Z and Beyonce were considered as model couple which is standing up for strong family which treachery and unfaithfulness are unknown. Idyll of the relations was nearly destroyed two years ago. Probably, the wave of overdue repentance rolled on the famous rapper, and he publicly admitted to Beyonce that he was incorrect her. However, it was not new to the cult singer. She knew about adventures of the husband and told about the feelings concerning treason of darling in an unusual, creative manner, having released the next album. The same was done also by Jay Zee, by the same way having given the regret and repentance for perfect offenses. It is curious that it did not give names of women with which carried on.

Jesse James

Jesse James is the famous TV host and the producer of motorcycles, in passing – Oscar-winning Sandra Bullock’s husband, lived in clover under sensitive guardianship and care of the loving star woman. However, at the same time did not forget to envy terribly her creative achievements – both to the right and on the left to change Sandra. When in office to it was Michele McGee’s tattoo model to get a job, Jesse, without shelving everything, right there started a passionate romance with her. In the absence of Sandra it met almost whole year in the house of the wife the mistress. Yet the long uvula of the tattooed model was not untied and did not tell to the whole world of details of its relationship with Jesse James. After the divorce he admitted to journalists: “Yes, I deceived the wife. Took the responsibility and apologized. It is the end of history”.

Hugh Grant

The British handsome Hugh Grant, the women’s man who adored him for breadth of soul and improbable charm always managed to walk smack in some scandal story. The affair by the star actor with Elisabeth Hurley already approached the predictable final – future wedding. But the unruly Hugh who is doing not pass on the quiet from Lizzie any skirt, this time, figuratively speaking was taken red-handed. It was caught in the car in Sunset Boulware in Hollywood in embraces of the woman of easy virtue Diwein Braun. Behind the occupation equated to disorderly conduct his police officers also found. Hugh was not succeeded to hush up scandal, incurred deserved punishment, regretting about what the incident from favourite Elisabeth was not succeeded to hide. But, as the true gentleman, by sad parting with Lizzie he presented her the house. Without having forgotten to ask for Hurley forgiveness for treason publicly. He several times participated in a TV show, repeating, as if got, the same words: “All know what is good and what is bad. I arrived badly, and here that ­ left. Elisabeth very much supports me as opposed to the fact that write in newspapers now. She ­ was surprisingly generous”.

David Boreanaz

There was no grief and devils pumped up. The actor of series “Bones” David Boreanaz never thought or dream that the fleeting affair with Gloria Allred will turn back noisy scandal. And the father of two children, the faithful husband (so, at least, the wife, the former model Jamie Bergman considered him) should save tarnished reputation very much. And the situation was complicated by the fact that the mistress for an hour requested the considerable sum from David, otherwise everything will become known to journalists. And reluctantly, having collected will in a fist, he publicly admitted to the wife treason. Of course, Jamie it was shocked with this news and nearly divorced David.

Jude Law

Jude Law, having won the heart of model of Sienna Miller on a habit, seriously thought of new life where he the faithful companion saw only this girl. And Sienna deeply believed in the happy future with the star handsome. However, all hopes were dispelled by loveful Jude. Unexpectedly it sank down on the nurse of the children – the lovely girl Daisy Wright. Under the pressure of the charming macho she did not resist, and behind the back of Sienna Miller, naturally, there were events which cast the actress into horror. Certainly, made happy with Jude Daisy could not but tell the whole world about the affair with him. About any wedding now and the speech could not go: the sobbing and offended Sienna became isolated and removed the wedding ring presented to Law from a finger. Then Jude with the guilty person and tear-stained eyes apologized publicly to the girlfriend, to her parents. But even temporary reconciliation did not help to reunite and forget about the past.