How long does it take to get over a breakup for a man?

The psychologist and the expert in the field of the relations lifted the veil of secrecy.

How long he will go over breakup, will depend in many respects on circumstances of a divorce: who was an initiator of the incident what events served as the reason. Other question as long the man endures a divorce when there is another woman. The psychologist and the expert in the field of the relations will in detail tell everything how it all works.

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If the divorce was quite expected action, and on both sides: spouses were in the cool relations long ago, had extramarital affairs, and the general territory and the refrigerator was the only factor uniting them, experiences concerning official parting can be connected with loss of some property.

    Frustration will also will not by caused by a divorce as which reason the long-term novel on the party and the conscious choice for other woman served.

Here only loss of some part of property can also cause experiences in the man like that.

Men are way more in to sex than women. So, this makes all men go and get sex in any price. They want to get the pride back by fucking other girls and they have to be way better looking than an ex-girlfriend. At first they are going to live sex chat rooms to seek attention from girls and just later on as they get some confidence back go to nightclubs or bars to seek girls for sex. Summing up the small result, one may say, that the divorce which happened at the initiative of the man or was expected owing to his certain behavior (as the man not always takes a situation in hand, preferring it is simple to create conditions that the final decision was for the woman), usually does not lead to experiences. It is well thought over and intelligent step.

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Divorces which take place at the initiative of the woman who or created the novel on the party, or suddenly made the decision that to them with the second half any more not on the way are followed by the real manifestation of emotions usually: the world is beautiful, in it there is a lot of men, and that which nearby not only in him.

Anyway, the woman is aimed at creation of the new relations, and for the man such turn of events (even then when he constantly changed her and/or in a penny did not put) was unexpected. The man is not ready to such turn, and emotions begin to overflow him. He is going to seek other easy girls to get some sex. Often, they go to sex cams and seek girls as they feel horny. How long he will do it, depends first of all on his mentality.

Most brightly emotions are shown in the first half a year-years when all acts of the soulmate are taken most painfully and the man wants to revenge and punish the ex-wife. It is expressed differently, depends, of course, on the scale of the personality, the social status and a financial position. Someone takes away the presented jewelry from the wife, others cut down alimony, the third ask to free the apartment, etc.

Traditionally easier the divorce is perceived by men with experience: those who behind shoulders already had it. Heavier, statistically, to reconcile to leaving of the partner to men 45 years are more senior. Up to 45 they look at the potential and life more optimistically in general, are ready both to experiments, and to that to adapt to someone. In them the habit not so is still strong. Men in general slaves to habits, and the become more senior they, the more get used to a certain way of life which for them is created by the specific woman. After 45 it is much more difficult to get used and create new to them. Often the unwillingness of the men having novels on the party to get divorced is also explained by it. Perhaps, in their relations with the wife there is no passion any more, but to him with it is habitual and good therefore he does not plan to leave anywhere.

    The man understands that after the divorce he should start life almost from scratch: to look for housing, to adjust life – all this cannot but affect his internal state.

If the person got used to live in family and in general, he had quite good relations with the spouse, the general children, the general pleasures, quite large number of years of marriage, of course, will worry, miss. His emotions will become dull over time, he will calm down, will cease to show that to him it is painful, life will get better, but it does not mean that he will cease to remember the former life and to miss the already to the ex-wife and that time when they were together. And it can drag on for years if he does not meet other woman or will voluntarily refuse the serious relations, creating some illusions or just for fear to begin the new love story and again to be disappointed in life.

    Often gravity of the event the man realizes everything not when there was a divorce, and many years later, and here then real emotions can cover him.

Psychologists say that women can endure official parting still before it happened, and few months after (before half a year). Further the woman (provided that she has no psychological problems) rises from the ashes and begins to build new life. At men everything happens in a different way. The man can rejoice to a divorce if it was expected and gained, can worry because of treason of the half and dream to revenge, but the sensibleness to them to all comes not earlier than in one or two years, even later. And the more passes time, the better they begin to understand what really happened that they lost. And if there is nearby no that woman who surpasses or just corresponds his former, the man will worry, compare, rush about and to want to return to that world where he was happy – to the family which he once lost.